Break your watering routine. Help a plant realise its dreams.

Plants achieve 70% more…if given a chance. That’s the power of Baby Bio® Outdoor. Take the Big Boost challenge and see visible results in only 7 days. All it takes is a 1 minute change in watering habits to turn plants’ dreams into reality…


Take the Big Boost challenge for amazing results - even after the 1st week!

Boosting with Baby Bio® Outdoor ensures plants reach their full natural potential. After 7 days you’ll notice visibly greener leaves, rich and vibrant in colour.

Plants will be much healthier and stronger with significantly bigger, brighter blooms - Up to 20% larger after just 4 weeks with intensely coloured flowers that last throughout the season. Best of all….you can expect a staggering 70% more flowers from every plant.

All claims are based on plants only watered versus plants fed with Baby Bio® Flowers and Shrubs.
Baby Bio is a registered trademark of Bayer CropScience Ltd

The Big Boost challenge is so simple

Getting started

Plant 2 identical containers

Container A
Water only

Container B
Feed once every 2 weeks with Baby Bio® Outdoor and water normally.

See the amazing results – Up to 70% more flowers*

All it takes is 1 minute change to your watering habits.
*You’ll enjoy up to 70% more flowers in Container B vs. container A.