Best Practice for the Big Boost

Here’s some helpful advice to get the most from your garden

When to Feed?

Feeding season

Feed from first signs of growth, throughout the season, until August

Feed Fortnightly

Just once every 2 weeks

Mark your Calendar

Pick the same day fortnightly so that you never forget

Bed or Breakfast feeding

Mornings are best. Avoid feeding during the hottest part of the day

How to Feed?

Easy dosage

Add 10ml/L to your watering can

Water before feeding

Plants absorb nutrients better when compost is moist. Water the night before feeding

Back to your roots

Aim to feed the roots of the plant, avoiding the leaves

Don’t overfeed

Plants struggle when overfed. Don’t add ‘one for the pot’

What you can expect?

Big Results

All it takes is a 1 minute change to your watering routine

Enjoy the Transformation of your garden with up to 70% more flowers