Big beautiful Jalapeño's with Baby Bio® Outdoor

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Middle-sized Garden blogger, Alexandra Campbell has given her veg a Big Boost with Baby Bio® Outdoor Fruit & Vegetables.  

She planted two almost identical Jalapeño chilli plants in pots ...

... then fed the chilli in the painted pot with Baby Bio® Outdoor Fruit & Vegetables and just watered the other.  Alexandra potted them on to larger pots and kept them side-by-side in a sheltered spot beside the potting shed.

There's a clear difference in size: the fed plant has the wooden spoon in the pot.

She's just harvested the first chillies.

The plant fed with Baby Bio® Outdoor Fruit & Vegetables has produced more and bigger chillies!  There are also plenty more on the fed plant maturing, ready to be picked soon!


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