Big Boost Challenge makes a Big Impact!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

By Alexandra Campbell



I've filled this year's pots with Panicum virgatum (switch grass) 'Shenandoah' plus purple surfinias - I like the look of lots of plants crammed into one pot, but I've really discovered that you have to feed them!



Runner beans

Doing the Big Boost Challenge has made me realise why my runner beans have failed in previous years. I've often been random in how I feed my veg but these pictures have definitely changed my mind for me.




I grew Tomato 'T Atkins' from seed and planted them out around 5-6 weeks ago. The one fed with Baby Bio® Outdoor already has some tiny green tomatoes on it. Tip: Because I've planted things out at different times and I have so many plants to feed, I have one designated 'feed the plants' day in my diary every 14 days. It means some plants are a few days out at the beginning, but it's so much easier having everything on the same schedule. Putting it in the diary is absolutely essential!



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