Her 'aha' moment!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blogger Alexandra Campbell has been taking the Baby Bio® Big Boost Challenge. She planted identical plants and fed one with Baby Bio® Outdoor every fortnight through the season and just watered the other. The results were impressive. Click here to read her blog on six sure fire ways to grow more veg.  



But her true 'aha' moment came after she went to Spain for a few days.  It was toward the end of the growing season and there had been a mini heatwave in England.  Alexandra looked at her courgettes when she got home and the difference was remarkable.  The unfed courgette had dwindled to a few stalks but the one fed with Baby Bio® Outdoor was still producing veg!

Click here to find out about and the journey they took through the season, beginning as tiny plug plants in the spring, and the difference made by feeding regularly with Baby Bio® Outdoor.

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