The Middlesized Garden takes the Big Boost Challenge

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Growing veg in pots

I’m doing the Baby Bio® Challenge in various pots. Two pots of courgettes are just two weeks along. Both are looking healthy, but the one fed with Baby Bio® Outdoor Fruit & Vegetables is noticeably more vigorous.

I’m also ‘challenging’ two Jalapeno chilli plants, because chillies are so great in pots. They start fruiting around July or August and often go on to December. Chillies benefit from being potted on slowly – don’t put them straight from a tiny pot into a large one. Use a middle-sized one in between, although you will get more chillies if you do move them into a big pot (30-50cms high/wide) after that.

I find that labels always fade so am looking for effective ways of making sure I keep track of which plant has the Baby Bio® treatment. I’ve used an old tester paint pot to paint one of the pots in a lovely soft green. It was a really quick and easy way of cheering up pots – I’ll definitely do it again.

All you do is wash and dry the terracotta pot, then paint it, using a small brush. It only needs one coat as a slightly weathered look is lovely. It’s a great way of using up old tester pots, and this year’s Chelsea Flower Show put painted pots bang on trend.

In the vegetable beds

In the veg beds, there are two more courgette plants doing the Baby Bio® Challenge and these are about five weeks in. You can see from the photos that there’s now a noticeable difference in size between the two plants, although both look healthy.

The two courgettes when first planted, about five weeks ago

The Baby Bio® one is around 85cms wide and 35cms tall,while the courgette that isn’t fed is 70cms wide and 25cms tall. It also has fewer smaller leaves. (You can see which one has been fed with Baby Bio® Outdoor Fruit & Vegetables – it’s the one with the wooden spoon beside it).

The runner beans have only just gone in. I’ve been growing them from seed in the potting shed, and should probably have planted them out before now. Once again, I’ve marked the ones fed with Baby Bio® Outdoor Fruit & Veg with a wooden spoon. I’ll report back in two weeks to tell you how they’ve done.

Terrace garden pots

My beautiful spiral topiary is now five weeks on from its Baby Bio® Outdoor Flowers & Shrubs feed and is showing a really good response. Little green shoots are scattered all along its curves. It’s now on a permanent diet of Toprose – it has a handful in the pot, which will feed it for the rest of the season.


My beautiful topiary showing signs of damage, five weeks ago


My topiary has responded really well

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